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My Little Warrior

4th May 2017, we welcomed a baby girl at our place. My younger brother's daughter. Technically she is my niece, but for all practical purposes, she is my daughter too. This poem is for her. When she is older and able to comprehend this poem, on how we thought of her name, she'd love it … Continue reading My Little Warrior


Whoa! I come back to write an article after a hiatus & I am taxed. Read me out, because I have a question for the Government. I think even you'll second my opinion & question. This article is directed towards the Government of India and all its States & Union Territories too. I am aware … Continue reading TAXed

An open letter to my Dear Wife

Hi, I know you are doing fine, because we are together everyday. That is a nice feeling you know. Well why this post? Not because you do not let me speak. You do. In fact, who dare stop me? Ha ha. But, I want to tell you something in front of everybody & in turn … Continue reading An open letter to my Dear Wife

You are the hope!

​You are the hope, You are the light, You are the wings, You are the flight.   This is the you, I always knew, Have always known, Have seen you flown. I am in pain, And so are you, But, when has this feeling, Been ever new? So straighten your back, Strenghthen your walk, Shout … Continue reading You are the hope!

Yours Sarcastically – Blogisode 2

Hi! It is so nice to see you again, pun intended. Why the pun? Well, because we cannot really see each other by this blog post duh. Anyways welcome to another blogisode of 'Yours Sarcastically'. Today, I wanted to discuss two topics. The food and fireworks of Diwali (Indian Festival), and Rahul Gandhi's (an Indian … Continue reading Yours Sarcastically – Blogisode 2

Yours Sarcastically

Hello guys, welcome to a brand new series known as #Yours_Sarcastically. Here I will try to politely put forward things that I do not feel about. You can stop reading now if you took that literally. Others please read on. The great Oscar Wilde once said & I quote: “Sarcasm is the lowest form of … Continue reading Yours Sarcastically