My Little Warrior


4th May 2017, we welcomed a baby girl at our place. My younger brother’s daughter. Technically she is my niece, but for all practical purposes, she is my daughter too. This poem is for her. When she is older and able to comprehend this poem, on how we thought of her name, she’d love it and be happy.


A girl was born in our clan,

This May after half a century.

We were delighted to have her,

It was our moment of glory.


In her mother’s womb,

She had her own fights.

It was a doubt, she’d survive,

But, she held on tight.


She entered the world,

On her own little terms.

She took no help,

This girl was firm.


Ah! Our happiness soared,

Celebrations had begun.

We were searching names,

For our little one.


I wanted a mythical name,

Her mother an easy one.

Granddad was looking for something,

That’d be small, but weigh a ton.


She had fought all odds; we thought,

She had reached so far.

She seemed to come from land,

Of the War God Mars.


Thus, she was named,

As she was a little xena.

My Little Warrior Princess,

Is hailed as ‘Martina’.


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