An open letter to my Dear Wife


I know you are doing fine, because we are together everyday. That is a nice feeling you know. Well why this post? Not because you do not let me speak. You do. In fact, who dare stop me? Ha ha. But, I want to tell you something in front of everybody & in turn also address a few thousands of other couples.

I love you. Yes, that might surprise you, but then it is true. I do not like a lot of things that you do, but that does not stop me from loving you. It is high time you understand this concept of mine. We are going to be married two years in two months.

I am never going to post pics and write on Facebook about what you mean to me. Nope. That is not going to happen. You do not have my heart etc. etc. bullshit. We are two healthy individuals, with two holistic hearts.  I believe when we have something that is pure and complete, only then we are in a position to share it. If we ourselves are incomplete (eg. Two bodies, One heart concept), how do you suppose are we going to give anything to each other?

I get angry without periods. Yes, it is true for me. As God blessed you with the ‘Period’ication of mood swings, he hasn’t been that kind to me. I have mood swings worse than an addled guy, so please deal with it. Why should you? Well because, I nearly always make up for it & also because I am as human as you are.

I am not a hopeless romantic. That was when I was 21. Now, I will be 28. So you see the difference. Being a total nut guy, might get you knocked up with a ton of kids, but my focus on earning is the only way we will be able to feed them. So, I am just trying to stay ahead of the game.

You can go out for shopping as many times you want. Do not ask me. Just remember, that every penny you spend on useless stuff, has to be earned back & you are going to tell me how to do that. Period.

Loving your side of the family is not an issue. I’ll love them as much as they love me. So, you kind of know the situation now.

Even though we are a joint family, I want you to know that all of us are a family. This is your family. So wifey you can go nuts in front of us and all of us will love you back.;

Lastly, when we have kids, I want them to have your eyes and sweetness. Everything else can be me. So never ask again about this. I mean it, when I say it.

I am a gritty man, but I will have my bad days. So you be there, and I’ll do the rest. I do not need Facebook or Twitter to show my love. I do not need to write a poem to express my love. I sure as hell do not write sleazy quotes to show my love. And, you know I do not go down on my knees.

I hope to stand upright, tall and take your hand for a dance and whisper in your ear that I feel for you. I wish that we have a daughter who rushes in to break that moment and I do a jig with her. I pray that mother calls me at that moment to get her a glass of water. Because, truly you together made me, make me & will make me the man I was, I am & I will be.

Thank you for loving me back and being a friend.


Your Husband.


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