Yours Sarcastically – Blogisode 2

Hi! It is so nice to see you again, pun intended.

Why the pun?

Well, because we cannot really see each other by this blog post duh.

Anyways welcome to another blogisode of ‘Yours Sarcastically’.

Today, I wanted to discuss two topics.

  1. The food and fireworks of Diwali (Indian Festival), and
  2. Rahul Gandhi’s (an Indian political debacle) stunt on the suicide of an ex army man

But, I must admit that I am feeling really very tired. The sweets consumed last week, have finally taken their effect and I am over-weight and lazy at the same bloody time. Why don’t people realize that they can gift me an I-phone 7 instead of sweets. But hey, who am I to complain? My own father won’t do so.

By the way, have you noticed how people refer to their wives and girlfriends as ‘BAE’ these days on social media sites. I don’t even know what that means.

Yes, back to the topic. The food will take time to digest, so let us talk about the fireworks. You need to visit Mumbai during Diwali. It is a cracker of a place. No, not because it is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. It is by the way, but because everybody is bursting a cracker everywhere.

These fireworks make a lot of noise and create too much smoke. I haven’t lit fireworks myself, since a very long time. Half a decade to be precise. I did not buy them and nobody gifted them to me.

Why do you think I get such less gifts? We shoukd find out why.

Anyways, agreed that these fireworks create a lot of smoke and noise. And, let us say that we should ban them for their ill effects. But, if we ended up banning everything that creates an ill effect for us, especially during festivals. What about the sacrificing of goats in Bakr-eid? Too much of meat can cause indigestion.

The fasting of Jains? I mean, if so many people fast at the same time, doesn’t that create an imbalance for the daily wage businessman. Also, gas issues might increase.

Let us also stop drinking on New Year’s Eve. I mean, so much booze. Too many people end up with their faces in gutters on 1st of January.

But, we wouldn’t want that. Would we?

Of course not. We are normal people. We slog ourselves throughout the year to indulge i merry making of such festivities. That should not be stopped or banned.

So this is my kind request to people who want to save the nature on one single day of the year, ‘Guys get a life. Please get the hell out of that air conditioned room of yours. You have already left enough carbon imprint on this planet. Let alone the kind of kids you might have reproduced.’

But, then I do believe that restraint can be a great help in such a scenario. We as educated and mature individuals can take a step at a time to not create much pollution.

Hey, I said mature, can we not mention the political scions of India. Well, not even the US Presidential contenders. And definitely not the Korean ape.

From politics I remembered Rahul Gandhi. He is ‘The Chosen One’ of Indian politics, if you must know. (HP fans, please don’t hate me for this. I promise you, he is ‘The Frozen One’)

You should have seen his performance at the death of an ex army man. If he fails in politics, he can be a professional stand up artist I tell you. He can give run to this blog too. He he.

Hey Rahul. Don’t seek a job change man. I would end up being job less. You are already doing a great job, in making us laugh.

By the way guys, winters are coming. Be prepared to help others by donating sweaters and blankets. If you want, we can create a group to do so in Mumbai, India.

A few of you can donate some intelligence to the government sector all around the world. That’ll be a great help to mankind.

And, yes before I forget. Love your mother, she is the best.

Signing off.

Yours Sarcastically.



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