You are the hope!

​You are the hope, You are the light, You are the wings, You are the flight.   This is the you, I always knew, Have always known, Have seen you flown. I am in pain, And so are you, But, when has this feeling, Been ever new? So straighten your back, Strenghthen your walk, Shout … Continue reading You are the hope!


Yours Sarcastically – Blogisode 2

Hi! It is so nice to see you again, pun intended. Why the pun? Well, because we cannot really see each other by this blog post duh. Anyways welcome to another blogisode of 'Yours Sarcastically'. Today, I wanted to discuss two topics. The food and fireworks of Diwali (Indian Festival), and Rahul Gandhi's (an Indian … Continue reading Yours Sarcastically – Blogisode 2