Yours Sarcastically

Hello guys, welcome to a brand new series known as #Yours_Sarcastically. Here I will try to politely put forward things that I do not feel about. You can stop reading now if you took that literally. Others please read on.

The great Oscar Wilde once said & I quote:

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.”

So, I have started this series in his memory. He and truly he could understand the intelligence that lied in a frustrated common man’s brain.

By the way guys you can also #Chandlerize all that I say, because analysis can be a bit boring.

For those who did not get this, I’ve got two words for you- ‘Chandler Bing’.

So now we start.

Political tensions in my country are rising these days. With a population of more than a billion people, tensions are a part and parcel of our lives. But, this time we are serious. In fact a dozen news channels host two dozen shows, roping in five dozen people to comment the same thing over and over again. I think my comments on my country’s politics might be perceived an act of overdose.

As soldiers are fighting for us at the border, political parties are trying to stop the release of certain movies. This highly defines the political scenario over here.

But hey, who am I to complain. ‘DON Trump’ might be the next US president.

I empathize with the US citizens, after all we too have a Rahul Gandhi.

But then our neighbors are enduring Mr. Nawaz Sharif.

Case Closed.

I think I should start writing about love. After all, I have previously written a whole series about a love story #KrishNaina. The blog posts were pretty successful unlike the love in the story. But, then #Chetan Bhagat beats me over here. This man seems to have mastered the art of writing sleazy love stories with slurping noises. And, no one beats him.

Kids I am not talking about the noises we make while licking ice candies. This is totally licking something else.

Truthfully, he is my inspiration in writing. After I read a few of his books in my teens, I thought, ‘Hey man if this guy can attempt at writing, I can surely blog on WordPress.’

There you go WordPress guys, I just did a free ad for you. Plan on giving me an upgrade.

Yes, while talking about an upgrade I just wanted to mention no one, because all of you still need an upgrade like my writing.

So keep reading. Keep commenting. Signing off until next time.

Yours Sarcastically!



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