416th May 2014 went down in the Indian Political history as a day when a single man won over ‘India’- The Nation. The man’s name was Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi, the current Prime Minister of India. The win is termed as significant, because the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) entered the Lok Sabha with a majority. It was the first time since 1984 that any party had managed to do so. India had finally seen a ray of hope in this exceptional leader, to pave the nation’s way to international glory. The slogan ‘Abki Baar, Modi Sarkar’, was on everybody’s tongue. India was truly ‘Modi-vated’.

But, today after 2 years of the Modi led BJP government, the country seems at unrest. We are unhappy. We think we committed a mistake in electing Mr. Modi as our leader. To be honest, I am unable to take a side on this one. But, being the MBA that I am, I will try and do a Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat (SWOT) analysis on his led government to try and put an end to my dilemma and may be a few others’.



  1. Corruption free governance. In a tenure of 2 years, the blemishes on the government on account of corruption has been next to nil. This, in comparison to the previous situations; has emerged as a major strength.

  2. Strategic foreign alliances. Modi has managed to develop great rapport with many foreign countries, resulting in many strategic foreign alliances. This has led to growth in the FDI flow.

  3. The Land Boundary agreement with Bangladesh to resolve the border dispute and the Chabahar Port deal with Iran & Afghanistan for direct entry in the Middle-East market are landmark treaties of the Modi government.

  4. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Make In India Movement, Skill India Initiative etc. are visionary initiatives aiming to develop cleanliness, industry and skilled labour in the country.

  5. Opening of bank accounts in rural areas and an aim to develop rural areas has emerged as a strength because majority of India lives in rural areas.

  6. Assistance for new businesses, increased solar power usage have helped the government grow.

  7. De-establishment of the dynasty rule has also helped in firming the image of the government.

  8. Talking to Pakistan, despite their non-committal attitude, puts the government in a good light in the international platform.


  1. Unchecked voices of MLAs/MPs and religious body interferences has diminished the government’s image.

  2. Difficulties for existing businesses have increased. No reduction in paperwork has added to problems.

  3. Inflation and rising prices of day to day commodities.

  4. An election promise of getting black money back in India has not been fulfilled.

  5. Unchecked loans given to companies and defaulters who have made a run, has hurt the public sentiments and the Indian economy.

  6. Minority status in the Rajya Sabha, has hindered the governments path of working. This is a primary reason that has not let the GST bill to pass.

  7. No major job creation has taken place. Unemployed youth is not a strength for any nation.

  8. Pok issues, terrorism infiltration from Pak Borders and India-Pak relations have not improved.


  1. Fiscal management can be bettered with reduction in international crude oil prices. As crude oil is primarily imported by the nation, reduction in prices decrease the fiscal deficit.

  2. The slump in Chinese GDP growth rate vis-a-vis India can help India capture markets that have been the stronghold of China. The Make in India initiative can also make way to replace the Chinese industries.

  3. As manufacturing is the focus of the government, infrastructure development will urge more people to get in the manufacturing industry. This will lead to job creation, thus moving forward in the direction of employment for all.


  1. Delay in implementation in business policies. This will hurt FDI, thus hurting foreign relations.

  2. Delay in taking action against those involved in corruption. Although the government itself has not been bound by such allegations, but not taking swift action against people who are has tarnished the image of the government.

  3. Election promises have not been fulfilled. Its effects have been seen in State Elections of Bihar, Delhi, etc.

Thus, this analysis tries to point in major developments or deficits of this government. Let us hope our voices reach to them, so that we can witness a better India.


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