The Wifey’s Woes

The wife always says, I love her less, Than news or sports, Books or forts. She also says, I am romance-less, No gifts or a bouquet, Not even a holiday to Phuket. She thinks, I am boring, Always working and snoring. She loves me yet, she'll always do, But, she thinks only her's is true. … Continue reading The Wifey’s Woes


Mausam’s Wedding

The twinkling stars have always had their effect. They aren't bright enough to lighten the earth's surface, but they always manage to provide me with a spark. Sparkling was the meeting of Sahir and Agha. It was Mausam, a common friend's wedding where these two live wires met and their chemistry from that first handshake … Continue reading Mausam’s Wedding


India is a country of diverse cultures. As our¬†cultures vary, so do we¬†and so does our thinking. Somewhere down the line, I believe we are hypocrites. Hypocrites to the core. On one hand we worship 'The Goddess' (we are probably the only country on the earth which has a strong concept of female deities), and … Continue reading Alimowry!!!