Back to the Future

Ajay loved Ashna. But, their relationship never took off. His shy nature had always disallowed him to profess his love and, she never waited for him. It was one boyfriend after the other for her, never allowing her to settle down. He continued loving her silently. Seven years have passed since both Ajay & Ashna … Continue reading Back to the Future


My Call

What you do is your call, What I do is mine. We have lead our own lives, the way we should, I think that is all fine. Then came a time, when people meet, So did, that day we. I guess WE were all wrong, But again there was another's glee. People can start, on … Continue reading My Call


Vengeance is a strong feeling. A very strong one indeed. I don't rate myself as a hothead. I get angry¬†only on things those are against my principles. Otherwise, I'm a pretty cool guy. But, when I do get angry, I think it is terrible. Terrible? Do I kill when I'm angry? I mean you might … Continue reading Vengeance