The Thirsty Writer

I have no idea if I'll ever become a writer. During my years of growing up, I dabbled my hands (& legs) at dancing, anchoring, laboratory work, creating events and sometimes writing poetry. But, poetry was a means to impress girls. Nothing less. Nothing more. As I graduated, I realized I hated doing scientific work. The logical decision … Continue reading The Thirsty Writer


The Coffee with God

My number was next. Phew!!! 71 years of life to stand in a queue that led to God. It was already great. I was going to meet Him. The Lord. The Almighty. 'Next,' said a gruff voice. I moved through the brass gate, when suddenly the same voice asked 'Name?' At first I could not … Continue reading The Coffee with God

Oh Carol!!

'Can't you just stop it Rob?' she said. 'Stop what?' he replied. 'Stop telling me to calm down. That's what.' 'But you need to. You know that, don't you?' 'Again! Aargh. My God! You are' 'So what?' Rob asked raising his voice. 'You know what, just chuck it.' 'Just chuck it? Seriously Carol. Just … Continue reading Oh Carol!!