The Carol Diaries

17-09-1997 Dear Diary, Hi my name is Carol. Today is my birthday & Uncle Rob gave you to me. He said that a fifteen year old girl like me should start maintaining a diary. So I am doing it. I hope we be great friends. Love you. 21-12-1997 I don't want to live here. I … Continue reading The Carol Diaries


My Identity

Walking down the road, I passed millions of people. A few known, loads unknown. Time passed. There were a few who walked together with me. The others? Well they were others weren't they? These few who tread with me, were as naive as I was. Or so I thought. Some had aims. Others; purposes. I … Continue reading My Identity

Oh My Abdul!

Abdul. It is an Arabic baby name. It means 'Servant of God' in Arabic. Today I am not going to talk about a man who is the 'Servant of God' literally. He has been of service to mankind in a manner that he truly justifies his name. He has been of service to God as he truly … Continue reading Oh My Abdul!