And She Left

He kissed her. Even after a year, this was a different kiss. It was more blissful than he’d ever felt. It was more wonderful than life. It had more charge than electricity. Don’t ask why. May be, because they had made love in a manner they never had. Or maybe because, it was a matter … Continue reading And She Left


Harry Potter and I

I first laid hands on a Harry Potter book in the year 2003. My friend lent it to me during the winter holidays. I had heard a lot about the Potter books till then, but had no idea about the frenzy. I knew the plot was about an orphaned wizard kid's magical journey. But, little … Continue reading Harry Potter and I

The Toast

Donned in a dinner jacket, Albus stood up. He raised the glass of wine and said aloud, “Ladies and gentlemen, I want to propose a toast.” “Hear, hear”, said the lady sitting beside him. “I’ve hated you Mister Burke; a lot. In fact, I’ve hated you for the most part of my life. Till yesterday, … Continue reading The Toast

(With)In Laws

Working within the law, is a difficult task in India. Primarily for the commoners, because most laws have such loop holes, that you do not have to follow them. Also, for authorities, as they sometimes fail to perform with such laws. But, we aren't talking about the Government or the laws, let us just talk … Continue reading (With)In Laws