KrishNaina – Part 4

    Finally they had decided to be together. Krishna thought that now was the time that Naina was going to be serious and try her best for their relationship. But, he wanted to take no chances at all. He prayed to every God possible, consulted astrologers & their kind and did all that was … Continue reading KrishNaina – Part 4


KrishNaina – Part 3

"Naina open the door, Naina open the door!! Please God... Please God!! Make her open the door.", murmured Krishna. He knew she was sleeping, but still in his heart he wanted Naina to open the door. The door opened. It wasn't Naina. It was Mr. Verma, Naina's father. With an inquiring look he asked Krish, … Continue reading KrishNaina – Part 3

KrishNaina – Part 2

Even when your sub-conscious prods you and tells you to step away from unhealthy things, people and relationships in life, your conscious mind does all possible logical reasoning to let you be in them. Krishna knew; this wasn't the relation to be in. Sooner or later, it would be a relationship he was going to … Continue reading KrishNaina – Part 2