KrishNaina- Part 1

LOVE. That feeling had finally struck Krishna. He was excited, overjoyed and on the top of the world. Krishna was a flirt, albeit a harmless one. He had great man management skills and an ability to empathize. He was also short tempered, but always stood true to his words. For him, a man's word meant … Continue reading KrishNaina- Part 1


From a House to a Home

Cultures across the globe are unified by one common trait. It is the transformation of a female individual; from a girl to a woman. Generally, this event is marked by her marriage, and in most case scenarios she has to adopt her husband's surname and move into his house. It is also possible that both … Continue reading From a House to a Home

Ain’t no title to express this

You are there. By my side. Holding my hand.....

Cutting the cord

Oh I bled a lot!! To cut these cords, I sweat a lot. These attachments, like veins have created, a bond between us. But now that I see them, they are acting as a curse. I look at the pain we have created. I look at the tears we have shedded. Tis' no water drops … Continue reading Cutting the cord