A mother’s love

Her love for her kid is of the purest form. She is God on earth and makes her kid's life heaven. This selfless lovable creature is a mother. It does not matter whose mother she is, yours or mine. She is worth worshipping in all forms. This post is dedicated to my Maa on her … Continue reading A mother’s love


Purpose in Life

Hello everyone. The topic for today is 'Purpose in Life'. It necessarily does not discredit anybody's purposes. It does not support one's purpose nor opposes it. It is just another view, that all of us can add to our materialistic purposes, eventually leading to our growth. A few days ago, I had asked a few … Continue reading Purpose in Life

Chandal Chaukdi- The Menacing Foursome

Oh Lord! I am tired of these four people who rule my life. And may be yours too. These are the four people we haven't seen in our lives, our parents never reveal their names, but yet they control our parents' mindset; hence our lives. Which Indian kid has not heard his/her parent tell that, … Continue reading Chandal Chaukdi- The Menacing Foursome