Everyone feels it. Pain. The most common expression of discomfort for us. And the beauty of this word is that it more or less suffices for every kind of unwanted emotion. Pain, the word generally describes the physical, mental and emotional part of discomforting feelings. The brain (reasonable being), the heart (emotional being) and the … Continue reading Pain


The Kiss

Hello everyone. Well today I do not have a prose to write, but a poem to share. It is about a kiss, which is all about love and care. So when you are reading this, try to remember your first kiss(if you have been lucky). And I hope you enjoy the poem, the feeling, the … Continue reading The Kiss


This is no love story. But a story of desire. A story of a couple with a tumultuous past. A girl with her family problems. A girl who is unhappy in the deepest sense of word. A girl who resists love for the sake of the world around her. A girl who finds the smallest … Continue reading Desire

A letter of Loss

This letter was once written by a young man to his friend, with whom he shared the pain of having had to separate from the love of his life. Break ups are a common factors in this era, where people make out as easily as they break up. But, for people who value emotions more … Continue reading A letter of Loss

Caste and Marriage

Hello everyone. Before I even begin to write about the topic, I want to proclaim the disclaimer that all that is posted on this blog are my own opinions. They are not to hurt the sentiments of any gender, caste, religion, etc. This is a platform of expression, hence I express. All of you are … Continue reading Caste and Marriage